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Our Guide to White Wines for Christmas

Our Guide to White Wines for Christmas

A selection of our favourite white cuvées to drink with friends and family at this time of year. The cooler weather means we are drawn to rounder whites with more body but still that fresh acidity.


These wines won't scare off anyone not aux fait with natural wine;

Maison En Belles Lies - Bourgogne Blanc 2017 - White Burgundy that we have saved in our cellar for a few years. We drank a bottle recently and it's tasting superb. Perfectly balanced with a textured body and bright acidity. 

Sylvain Bock - Ne Fait Pas Sans Blanc 2019 - Another wine that has developed amazingly with some age. All minerals and citrus from this blend of Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc from the Ardèche.

Domaine de la Borde - Naturé Foudre à Canon 2019 Savagnin from the Jura made in the topped up, ouillé style (non oxidative). Pure and precise white wine.

Domaine Lulu - QV d'Etoiles 2018 A blend of Chardonnay & Savagnin from Etoile which is considered by many to be one of the best sites in Jura.

Domaine Overnoy - Vigne Derriere 2019 - Another Jura wine, this time made from ripe Chardonnay grapes. We drank this last Christmas and it was great then so will only be better this time around.

Domaine de l'Octavin - P'Tit Poussot 2020 Last Jura recommendation (promise!), this time from the distinguished Alice Bouvot. A clean and mineral expression of Savagnin from her own vines in Arbois.

Vins Hodgson - Faia 2021 Chenin Blanc from one of the best areas for this grape variety, Rablay-sur-Layon in the Loire valley. Tiny production of this wine so grab the opportunity to taste while you can.

Thomas Batardière - Les Cocus 2020 Another Chenin Blanc from the same area, this time from a rising star of the region. So much texture going on, it's a huge hit for any fans of this grape variety.

De Moor - Bourgogne Aligoté 2021 - Another rare wine, this time from Alice and Olivier de Moor in Chablis. Apple, lemon and floral aromas.


Chateau Barouillet - Bergecrac Blanc 2022 - Vincent Alexis in Bergerac makes some of the best value wines around. This white made from a blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Semillon and Muscadelle has lovely complexity and structure. 

Complemen'Terre - Circus Melon 2022 - This Muscadet has been a huge hit at Highbury Library in 2023. We have been doing it by the glass for a couple of months and everyone has been loving the mineral nature and crisp, clean finish of the wine. 


Brand Brothers - Riesling Pur 2021 - Maybe the best vintage yet for this absolute bargain of a wine. The balance and complexity is spot on.

Brand Brothers x Highbury Library - You Are The Riesling 2016 - A special bottle we released for our 5th birthday back in 2021. Showing an amazing mineral character now with extra age in the cellar. 

Jean-Pierre Rietsch - Grand Cru Zotzenberg 2019 - Awesome Grand Cru Riesling from Alsace that was aged on the lees in old barrels for no less than 31 months! 

Jean-Pierre Rietsch - Stein 2022 - A new arrival from Jean-Pierre, these Riesling grapes come from another of his best plots. 

Yann Durrmann - Grand Cru Wiebelsberg 2021 - Staying in Alsace, this is a wilder number (in Yann's signature style) but still showing an elegant side. Again from Grand Cru vines.

Bencze Birtok - Aries 2019 - From one of the best winemakers in Hungary, this superb Riesling from a single biodynamic vineyard was aged in amphora vessels for 2 years. Only 400 bottles produced.


Le Mazel - Cuvée Mias 2004 - Gérald Oustric is a natural winemaking legend. Many of today's big stars trained with him in the Ardèche. We drank a bottle of this last year and were blown away. Deep and round with a wonderful texture and notes of developed, smokey apricots. 

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