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Kekfrankos Spern Steiner 2006

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Grape Variety: Blaufränkisch (Kékfrankos)

Producer: Franz Weninger

Region: Sopron, Hungary

Wild Scale: 1/5

Winemaking: Biodynamic/Organic Blaufrankisch grapes were harvested by hand and de-stemmed. Fermentation with wild yeast and aged in a mixture of old and new oak barrels. Unfiltered and bottled with a small amount of sulphur.

This Wine: 2006 was the first year that Franz Weninger converted his vineyards to biodynamic so this is a special bottle from his cellar in Hungary. Since 1680, the Steiner vineyard has been classified as the best site in country for growing grapes which adds further history to this perfect expression of Blafränkisch. This is a full bodied red that needs to be served alongside a hearty dish. 

Notes on the Winemaker: Franz Weninger grew up in Burgenland, the region in East Austria that borders Hungary. He runs two wineries, one in each country using biodynamic techniques with a deep commitment to the environment. His wines offer outstanding value for such high quality.