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Syrah / Grenache
Chachacha 2022
Sense Pressa

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Grape Variety: Syrah, Grenache

Producer: Sense Pressa (Marius Long)

Region: Padern, Hautes Corbières, Aude, Roussillon, France

Wild Scale: 4/5

Vegan friendly wine

Winemaking: Organic Grenache and Syrah grapes were harvested by hand. Macerated for 1 week. Fermentation with wild yeast and aged in fibre glass tanks. Unfiltered and bottled with no added sulphur.

This Wine: Natural red wine with a medium body. Delicate but concentrated flavours of blackcurrant and blackberry along with a subtle floral finish. Lovely, silky texture. This is the first vintage from Marius to be available in the UK. 

Notes on the Winemaker: Marius Long moved to the village of Padern in Roussillon after years of studying winemaking around France and abroad. He had been inspired by gastronomy and viticulture after growing up in a family of restauranteurs in Paris. Now he produces very small quantities of natural wine from 4 hectares of local red grape varieties. Each cuvée displays both rustic and elegant characteristics that offer an authentic expression of this rugged region.