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Grand Cru Rieslings from Yann Durrmann in Alsace

Grand Cru Rieslings from Yann Durrmann in Alsace

For the first time, Yann Durrmann has decided to make all three of his Grand Cru Rieslings without filtration or any sulphur additions. He has a 0.2 hectare plot of the Moenchberg hill and 0.8 hectares on each of Wiebeslberg and Kastelberg. These are all located in the commune of Andlau where the Durrmann family live. Previously it was seen as too risky to make these wines in his 'Cuvée Nature' style as they fetch more money and appeal to a certain affluent market when macde in a conventional style. But after testing a zero sulphur and unfiltered approach to Kastelberg in a previous vintage, Yann became convinced that in order to really showcase the differences between the 3 terroirs, it was the only way forward.

Here is a quick guide to each cuvée;

This is the first vintage that Yann has made this particular grand cru Riesling with no filtration or added sulphur. The result is a very pure, mineral driven wine with citrus fruit flavours and high acidity. This is drinking very well now but will get so much better with time (at least 3 years) so save it if you can resist opening. The Moenchberg name means Monk's Hill in Alsatian and you can see a statue of a monk overlooking these vineyards near the village of Eichhoffen. 

Grand Cru Riesling from the slopes of Wiebelsberg which is close to the Crax hill and the edge of the Kastelberg Grand Cru plots. This is the most mineral driven of Yann's 3 Grand Crus and currently displays a lovely limey edge. Acidity is very high but balanced perfectly. Ready to drink but will only get better. 

Riesling Grand Cru Kastelberg 2021

Grand Cru Riesling from schist soils on the hill of Kastelberg which overlooks the village of Andlau, where Yann lives. This is the most structured of his Grand Crus with a rich and round character but still with high acidity. A savoury and almost nutty finish compliments the citrus fruit very well. Ready to drink but will improve with age.
We also just received Riesling Sur Schiests Rabari 2021
This, as the name suggests, is from a single parcel on schist soils (that does not have Grand Cru status). Yann told me that he believes his most age-worthy Rieslings come from this type of soil so it's good to mention alongside these Grand Cru cuvées. A great balance of mineral and citrus fruit characteristics. 
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