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Spring Arrivals

Spring Arrivals

The last couple of months have seen so many exciting new wines coming through the doors so it's time for a catch up on some of the highlights;
Yann Durrmann was in London recently to talk everyone through his 2022 vintages and introduce some new cuvées. It was great to taste through such a variety of different wines and we even got to witness him experience Tayyabs restaurant for the first time. Here is a quick run through of all the new arrivals from Yann; Torqué PG 2022 is a brand new Pet Nat cuvée made from Pinot Gris. Easy drinking, sparkling rosé with summer fruit flavours. Grizzling 2022 is back for a second vintage. This is a white Pet Nat made from Riesling that made a big splash last year and I think it might be tasting even better this time round. Yann's bargain Pinot Blanc 2022 has also returned and is even available in magnum (first Durrmann magnum we have ever had!). This vintage is more on the fresh citrus side in comparison to some of the more tropical vintages in years gone by.
Now onto the more serious business; Riesling! Yann has 3 different expressions of Riesling across different soil types and it was great to hear how passionate he is about the impact these varying terroir have on the final wine. From sandy soils, Riesling Sur Gres 2022 has classic varietal aromas on the nose with an explosion of zesty citrus on the palate. Riesling Sur Granit 2022 was made in much smaller quantities (only 1400 bottles) and has a more refined, mineral character whilst Riesling Sur Schiste 2022 is similar in nature but with a refreshing saline kick. Yann believes that schist soil holds some of the best ageing potential for Riesling so maybe one to put away in the cellar. Speaking of which, the new vintage of one of Yann's Grand Cru Rieslings is here. Kastelberg 2022 was really shining when he poured it in London. A complex and unique wine that will get better and better with time. Finally, KRAX 2022 is back! Always one of the most popular cuvées, this is skin contact Riesling from a few different plots. Mineral driven with some delicate spice and dried stone fruits. Only 2600 bottles produced so snap it up whilst you can!
It's always exciting to receive something that has never been in the UK before and that is the case with the wines of Claudio Plessi. Despite the fact he has been farming for over 40 years, these beautiful Lambrusco cuvées are hitting these shores for the first time. Claudio has dedicated his life to protecting rare, indigenous grape varieties in his home region of Emilia-Romagna and produces each wine from a single varietal. We have been pouring  Cavriulein 2019 by the glass in the bar recently and everyone is loving it. Made from the Festasio grape, this is a sparkling red with dark cherry and bramble fruit. We also have  Lambruscaun 2020 in stock, another sparkling red this time made from a grape variety known as Lambrusco del Pellegrino. This has a bit more complexity and finesse and can partner food really well. Both wines find a perfect balance of rusticity and precision whilst offering great value for money.
Fans of skin contact wine should be very interested in some new landings from Slovenia. Aci Urbajs has developed a cult following for his intense and age-worthy wines produced from a tiny plot of vines in the region of Štajerska.  Sivi Pinot 2017 is a cuvée made from Pinot Gris grapes with complex notes of honeyed stone fruit and dried herbs. A unique and special wine. Over in the region of Istria, we have been big fans of the wines of Uros Klabjan for many years now. Malvazija Black Label 2019 in particular has been a real favourite of mine. I've saved lots of back vintages at home and even opened a 2013 bottle when I got engaged. I can't give the wine higher praise than that! We have also received Uros' Muscat for the first time which is tasting great. Much like the Malvasia, Dolansky Black Label 2020  is a full bodied, rich wine that should be accompanied by food. 
It wouldn't be Spring without the arrival of Prime 2023. This is a nouveau style wine released annually by Ferme du Cade just in time for the change of season. In previous years this has been very much in the "fruit-bomb" territory but the 2023 vintage brings in a smokey and savoury feature which results in quite a unique and thrilling wine. A red and white blend of Cinsault and Clairette, it's just what the doctor ordered now that the sun is finally starting to show its face.
Francois Saint-Lô is another winemaker who was in town recently to show his new wines so we managed to get our hands on some of these gems. If you are not yet familiar, he's a young winemaker in the village of Berrie, close to Saumur in the Loire who creates wild and energetic wines. His Chenin Blanc  Les Pouches 2020 cuvée has developed a big following in recent years and we were blown away by his Pineau d'Aunis,  Unis de Bois Guyon 2021. If you prefer something a little more clean and precise, look no further than  Les Palennes 2020, 100% Cabernet Franc with soft tannins and ripe, dark fruit. Fans of his skin contact Chenin, 'Les Pouches Maceration', will be pleased to hear new vintages are on the way to the UK soon!
 Last but certainly not least, some rarities from Burgundy and Jura. We have two new wines from the highly sought-after Domaine Dandelion near Beaune. Aube 2022 is a special cuvée of Pinot Noir only made in years where the climatic conditions are perfect. We are very excited to have received this for the first time but trying to wait as long as possible before opening as we know these wines just keep getting better with age. We have also received a handful of the Hautes-Côtes Nature 2022 vintage, again made from Pinot Noir and in very small quantities. Finally, we still have a couple of bottles of Crémant du Jura 2020 in stock from Domaine Labet. Don't need to say much more on that one but it won't be around for long! 
That's it for now, happy drinking!
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