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The Balearic Wines of Cati Ribot & Jugo Vins

The Balearic Wines of Cati Ribot & Jugo Vins

I've been lucky enough to visit Mallorca (or Majorca) every summer for the last few years. As well as beautiful bays, beaches, mountains and towns, the island also boasts a budding food and wine scene. There are amazing restaurants and bars all over the island and in recent times, local natural wines have made their way onto the menus.

Organic Natural Wine Mallorca Majorca Highbury Library

Cati Ribot is arguably the most prominent natural winemaker in Mallorca. Her dedication to the art of winemaking and her passion of working with local grape varieties have made her a respected figure in the industry. Her winery is called Ve d'Avior and the wines are known for their authentic character, showcasing the unique terroir of Mallorca. With a focus on sustainable practices, she not only produces outstanding wines but also contributes to the preservation of the island's natural environment. Her work has earned her recognition among wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, solidifying her place as one of Mallorca's most celebrated natural winemakers.

We currently have the following wines in stock;

Malvasia 2022 - White wine made from 100% Malvasia

Son Llebre 2022 - A white blend of Giro Ros and Malvasia

Cambuix 2022 - A red and white litre blend of Escursac, Mantonegro, Gorgollassa, Esperó de Gall, Callet, Callet Negrella

Organic Natural Wine Highbury Library Mallorca Majorca

Charlie Prymaka had been working in the wine industry in London and New York before heading to Mallorca in 2019 to study with Cati in her cellar in Santa Margalida. The following year, he started his own project on the island with his partner Lauren Duttenhofer under the name Jugo Vins. The aim is produce easy drinking, fun bottles that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. They source fruit from organic vineyards around Mallorca and also purchases fruit from Cati. On top of this, they recently opened a wine bar and shop in the capital Palma called Cav.

We currently have the following wines in stock;

Jugosa Negre 2022 - A juicy blend of Syrah and Moscatel (Muscat)

Molt Bo 2022 - A light red made from the local Mantonegro grape


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