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Wine Club 023 Winners

Wine Club 023 Winners

At the most recent Wine Clubs, each night produced a different winner, as is often the case. 

On the first night, Domaine de Mena's slightly unhinged Contak Rosé from Roussillon made from the exceptionally named 'Hairy Grenache' grape variety stole the show. Wild, candied fruit combined with striking minerality makes this quite a unique wine, and the majority of drinkers agreed!

Tenuta Foresto's Favonio had to be added to the line-up for the second night as we had sold out of something and this beautiful skin contact Moscato went down a storm. We have been selling this cuvée for a few years now but it's always nice to introduce the latest vintage to people as there is usually something new to experience. Francesco, the winemaker, was also recently in town and came to visit Highbury Library so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Most drinkers loved the intensity of peach and apricot flavours alongside perfectly balanced acidity so it took top spot (closely followed by Contak Rosé).

Special mention to Ham Street's Bacchus 2022 which was also a real favourite. Made in Kent, this skinsy, tropical expression of the grape variety that often gets a bad rap, is tasting great! We only have 1 bottle (of the 288 made) left in stock...


Happy drinking!




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