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Muller Thurgau
Shake & Wait Orange 2022

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Grape Variety: Müller-Thurgau

Producer: Brand Brothers (Daniel & Jonas)

Region: Pfalz, Germany

Certified Organic

Wild Scale: 5/5

Vegan friendly wine

Winemaking: Organic Muller Thurgau grapes were hand harvested and spent 3 weeks on the skins before fermentation with indigenous yeast. Bottled before fermentation was complete in order to create fizz in the bottle (ancestral winemaking technique - Pet Nat). No fining, filtration or added sulphur.

This Wine: A brand new cuvée from the Brand Brothers. This is a juicy orange pet nat with a savoury finish. Salty pink grapefruit springs to mind. Easy and refreshing. Only 18 bottles of this came to the UK.

Notes on the Winemaker: Daniel and Jonas Brand hail from Pfalz where they took over their family winery in 2014 to concentrate on fully natural wines which are unique, alive and bursting with personality. We visited in 2018 to explore the vineyards and learn the stories that accompany the wines.