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Callet / Mantonegro blend
Cambuix 2022 Litre
Cati Ribot

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***Please note this wine comes in one litre bottle format***

Grape Variety: Escursac, Mantonegro, Gorgollassa, 

Esperó de Gall, Callet, Callet Negrella (all local red and white varieites)


Cati Ribot (Ve d'Avior / Games i Ribot)

Region: Mallorca, Spain

Wild Scale: 4/5

Vegan friendly wine

Winemaking: Organically grown grapes were hand harvested underwent fermentation with indigenous yeast in stainless steel tanks. No fining, filtration or added sulphur. 

This Wine: An electric blend of red and white Mallorcan grape varieties which is deep pink in colour. High acidity and some wild fruit flavours. Comes in a lire bottle which should be served chilled. 

Notes on the Winemaker: Cati Ribot is a third generation winemaker on the island of Majorca but she wanted to move away from growing international grape varieties so you could really taste the balearic islands in a bottle! We had been enjoying these wines for a few years every time we visited so we are now delighted to see them imported to the UK for the first time in 2022.