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Charlotte 2022
Strekov 1075

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Grape Variety: Chardonnay

Producer: Strekov 1075 (Zsolt Sütó)

Region: Strekov, Slovakia

Wild Scale: 3/5

Vegan friendly wine 

Winemaking: Organic 

Chardonnay grapes were harvested by hand and underwent direct press. The wine was bottled before fermentation was complete in order to trap fizz inside the bottle (Ancestral winemaking technique - Pet Nat). Bottled with no fining, filtration or added sulphur.

This Wine: This wine is a collaboration with a grape grower named Peter Sroner who farms the Chardonnay grapes and brings them to the Strekov cellar for vinification. This is a Pet Nat with all the intensity of Champagne but with slightly more fruit that comes in the form of peach and a complexity of citrus. 

Notes on the Winemaker: Zsolt Sütó farms 12 hectares of vines in the southern Slovakian village of Strekov near the Danube river. The vineyards have been farmed organically since 2009 and produce indigenous grape varieties. The wines are some of the most unique around and Strekov 1075 has gained a cult following thanks to this.