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La Crescent
Grace & Favour 2020
La Garagista

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Grape Variety: La Crescent

Producer: La Garagista (Deidre Heekin & Caleb Barber)

Region: Champlain Valley, Vermont, USA

Wild Scale: 3/5

Vegan friendly wine

Winemaking: Organic La Crescent grapes were harvested by hand. Fermented with indigenous yeast. The wine was bottled before this process was complete in order to trap fizz inside the bottle. No fining, filtration or added sulphur. 

This Wine: Outstanding Pet Nat that displays a profound alpine character. Wonderful floral aromas combine with honey, ginger, herbs and a hint of pine. A wine with a true sense of place, this is to be savoured!

Notes on the Winemaker: Caleb Barber and Deidre Heekin began the Garagista project by planting hybrid grape varieties on Mount Hunger in 2007. These vines are hardy enough to deal with the climatic extremes of this alpine region in Vermont. The wines offer a true snapshot of this unique environment and are part of a wider farming program that includes fruits, vegetables and flowers.