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Pinot Gris / Pinot Noir
Jeannette VO 2021
Les Terres Bleues

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Grape Variety: Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir

Producer: Les Terres Bleues (Xaviere Hardy)

Region: La Chapelle-Glain, Loire, France

Wild Scale: 4/5

Vegan friendly wine

Certified organic and biodynamic

Winemaking: Organic Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes were harvested by hand. Both varieties underwent maceration before fermentation with indigenous yeast. Bottled with no fining, filtration or added sulphur. 

This Wine: A unique natural wine that sits somewhere between rosé and orange on the colour scale. Xaviere had to make this cuvée after suffering  bad weather conditions which left her without enough Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes for individual wines. The result is spectacular with a complex but delicate creation that might never be made again. 

Notes on the Winemaker: Xavière Hardy is the woman behind Les Terres Bleues, situated north of the city of Nantes and the Loire river. She fought for the right to grow grapes in this region when it was not permitted. Now she produces wines in very small quantities made from Pinot Gris, Grolleau and Pinot Noir grapes grown on blue schist soils (hence the name of the winery).