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1043 Ancestral 2022

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Grape Variety: Rome

Producer: Samuel Párraga

Region: Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

Wild Scale: 5/5

Vegan friendly wine

Winemaking: Organic Rome grapes were harvested by hand. Fermentation with indigenous yeast. The wine was bottled before fermentation was complete in order to trap fizz inside the bottle (ancestral winemaking technique - Pet Nat). No filtration, fining or added sulphur.

This Wine: Natural sparkling red wine made from a rare grape variety indigenous to the province of Malaga. This is bright and fresh with red cherry flavours and a touch of volatile acidity. One for the wild crowd! 

Notes on the Winemaker: Samuel Párraga produces wines that are a true reflection of Andalusia's climate and viticultural history. He works with native grape varieties to create dry, sweet and oxidative styles without ever adding sulphur.