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Grey Label 2022
Tanca Nica

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Grape Variety: Zibibbo (Muscat, Moscato)

Producer: Tanca Nica (Francesco Ferreri & Nicoletta Pecorelli)

Region: Pantelleria, Sicily, Italy

Wild Scale: 4/5

Vegan friendly wine

13% alcohol

Winemaking: Organic Zibibbo grapes from a single vineyard grown on soki soki and lava bedrock soils were hand harvested. Minimal skin contact before fermentation with indigenous yeast. Aged in glass demijohn. No filtration or fining. Very small amount of sulphur on bottling.  

This Wine: One of the 4 bottles of Tanca Nica's top cuvée range that are all made from single plots on the island of Pantelleria. The 'Grey Label' comes from vines in the Ruchia region that are over 50 years old on slopes facing the west at 150m altitude. Arguably the most umami expression, with a smokey, mineral and saline edge that compliments the intense stone fruits perfectly. No skin contact. Tiny production.

Notes on the Winemaker: Tanca Nica is the natural wine project of Francesco Ferreri & Nicoletta Pecorelli who farm just 3 hectares of vines the small and remote island of Pantelleria. Located off the coast of Tunisia, the island is party of Italy and boasts Sicilian cultural traditions. The wines from Tanca Nica are wild but precise and complex, displaying all the signs of sun baked land and Mediterranean influence.