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The Owl Has Landed

The Owl Has Landed

Back in 2016, not long after we opened, we had a visit from Alex Thorp who told us he had recently started importing natural wines and "would we like to try some?". Eight years later, and his company Wines Under The Bonnet is our biggest supplier. We have been on many winemaker trips with Alex and had some of our best wine experiences thanks to him. 

After years of championing wines from the UK and promoting winemakers such as Offbeat, Sophie Evans and Hugo, Alex has now made his own wine under the name "Owl's Wines". Vinified at the aforementioned Offbeat cellar in Wiltshire with organic fruit grown at the Ham Street vineyard in Kent, there are 2 cuvées with just 300 bottles produced of each. 

One of the many inspiring things about Alex is his commitment and drive to find sustainable solutions within the natural wine industry so when it came to the Owl's Wine project, he set out to prove that things could be done differently. Every bottle used for the wine was collected from various venues around London (including Highbury Library) in an electric van and then cleaned before re-use. Every label was made with re-used paper and all the bottles were boxed in re-used cardboard boxes. Plenty of steps removed from the usual cycle! For Alex, this is just the beginning. He has shown there is a better way to work. If you can help make the process easier or more viable, he wants your help. Get in touch with us and we will hook you up.

Anyway back to the wines themselves. We currently have the following in stock;

Owl's Wine 2022 - A red and white blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier

Tank Repair Fund 2022 - A light red wine made from 100% Pinot Meunier

As mentioned, only 300 made of each so don't hang around.

Happy drinking!
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