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Our Guide to Orange Wines for Christmas

Our Guide to Orange Wines for Christmas

The savoury and textured character of orange wines really suits the Winter season in our opinion. These are some of our favourite bottles to enjoy over the festive period; 


Tanca Nica - Soki Soki 2022 (Aromatic skin contact wine made with Zibibbo (Muscat) grapes on the Mediterranean the island of Pantelleria)

Cantina Ortaccio - Bianco Dritto 2021 (A new arrival from Lazio, this is made from Procanico grapes and has a deep but fresh melon and citrus character)

Rietsch - Demoiselle 2022 (Dry Gewurtztraminer from a legendary winemaker in Alsace. Spicy and floral)

marvlaTINDO - Skin 2021 (Skin contact Welschriesling from volcanic soils in Slovakia. Stone fruit and spice notes)

Leisure Wine - We Walked Out in Oolong Rain Far Beyond the City Lights 2022 (One of the most unique English wines we have ever tried. So many different flavours going on, this is a great partner for aromatic Asian food. Made from a hybrid grape called Muscaris)

Pivnica Cajkov - Intacto NV (Another Slovakian orange wine similar to a Gewurtztraminer. Dried rose, apricot and spice.)


Pivnica Cajkov - Princess 2022 - (Session orange wine with apricot pastry-like character. Made from a grape variety called Pesecka Leanka. Has been a huge hit at Highbury Library in 2023)

Tenuta Foresto - Favonio 2022 (One of our favourite skin contact Moscatos. Fruity and floral but very elegant with a beautiful texture)

Tenuta Foresto - Leuto 2022 (Cortese from Piedmont with a great intensity of peach skin and melon flavours)

Durrmann - Zegwur (Iconic skin contact Gewurtztraminer from Alsace. Less spicy and more tropical fruit but with a dry, mineral finish)

Leisure Wine - The Morning Unfolded Like Apricots Along a Role of Developing Film 2022 (A blend of Muscaris and Chardonnay from Herefordshire with flavours of Apricot and Lychee. Vinified on the Old Kent Road in London)

Brand Brothers - Wilder Satz 2022 (Made from a field blend of grapes in Pfalz, Germany, this is the go-to bottle that won't break the bank. Usually more of a white wine, the 2022 vintage has more skin contact which adds a savoury layer of complexity to all that fresh fruit and zippy acidity)


Happy Drinking!

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