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Our Guide to Red Wines for Christmas

Our Guide to Red Wines for Christmas



The last thing you want on Christmas day is a family argument at the dinner table about sulphur levels and farmyard flavours so here is a selection of fuller reds that your Dad will enjoy but so will you;

Chateau Barouillet - Pécharmant 2021 - Pécharmant is regarded as the best part of the Bergerac region. Medium bodied red made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. Zero sulphur but very approachable. 

La Ferme des Sept Lunes - Pleine Lune Saint-Joseph 2019 - Saint-Joseph in the Northern Rhône is a village renowned for some of the best Syrah in the world. This is full but elegant and precise. Made with biodynamic grapes.

Barranco Oscuro - 1368 Las Monjas 2011 - The perfect choice if you are looking for a big red wine with some age. Full bodied with developed fruit but still great acidity to balance. From the first natural winemaker in Spain and grown at 1368m above sea level near Granada. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Grenache)

Purulio - Jaral 2016 - Another red from Andalusia from a winemaker who was very much inspired by Barranco Oscuro. Syrah, Grenache, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Great value for a deep red wine with some age.

Tenuta Foresto - La IDEAle 2021 - Nizza Monferrato in Piedmont is home to some of the best quality Barbera grapes and this is a great expression. 15% in alcohol but still with very fresh acidity and a delicate complexity. Dark fruits with a touch of leather.

Tenuta Foresto - Acru 2019 - La IDEAle's big brother. This is made from Tenuta Foresto's very best Barbera grapes and aged for longer in old barrels. Powerful but fresh. Tobacco and leather notes but no oaky flavours. 


Valli Unite - Valli Rosso 2021 - From the first organic co-operative in Italy, medium bodied red wine from Dolcetto and Barbera grapes with an added splash of white Cortese to keep things fresh. Unbeatable value.

Domaine Bablut - Topette 2022 - Light bodied red wine made from Grolleau grapes in the Loire valley. Juicy and fun! Has been one of our biggest sellers at Highbury Library in 2023.


When you're sick of the family and want to get back to being you...

Mas Coutelou - Ploutelou 2022 - Jeff Coutelou's tribute to light red wines from the Jura. Made from a field blend of varieties grown near Béziers in the Languedoc. 

Les P'Tites Choses - Bibelot 2020 - One of our favourite wines from the last year. A light expression of Cabernet Franc made with carbonic maceration techniques. Perfectly balanced red wine.

Mataburro - Quartet 2022 - Very light blend of Grenache and Mouvedre from Roussillon. Best slightly chilled.

Bauchet - Dazibao 2022 - A new arrival from Beaujolais. Made from Gamay and a mixture of hybrid grape varieties that are being championed by this producer.

Domaine Lattard - Syrah 2021 - Don't let the label full you, this is a wild red with loads of character. Smokey and meaty on the nose followed by a real kick of fruit and a pinch of pepper. Medium bodied.


Everyone's favourite grape variety!

Domaine Dandelion - Rosie Red 2022 - Ultra rare Burgundy from an amazing artisan producer. Pinot Noir grapes came from a single plot of 70 year old vines. Drinking well but has huge ageing potential. No oak flavours or added sulphur.

Domaine Derain - Le Ban 2020 - Another zero sulphur red Burgundy, this time from Saint-Aubain. Medium bodied with a great complexity of fruit, spice and earthy notes. Again, no oak flavours.

Jean-Pierre Rietsch - Pinot Noir 2022 - Great value Pinot Noir from Alsace. Fruit forward with a wild edge. 

Jean-Pierre Rietsch - Stierkopf 2020 - Pinot Noir made in Alsace but using the Burgundy clone of the grape. More savoury, less fruity. Medium bodied and great with food.

Yann Durrmann - Rouge de Pinot Noir 2022 - Yann's latest vintage of Pinot Noir. Fresh and fruity with great acidity.

Yann Durrmann - Pinot Noir Sur Schistes 2020 - A back vintage of a cuvée that hasn't been made since. Time in cellar has given this Pinot Noir more elegance and finesse. Fruit-forward.

Tissot - DD 2020 - A blend of Pinot Noir, Trousseau and Poulsard from one of the famous names in the Jura. Medium bodied with amazing concentration of fruit. 

Bencze Birtok - Atlas 2021 - One of the best producers in Hungary. Biodynamic grapes from his most prized Pinto Noir vines. Light and herbal.

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